White Axial SCX-10 G6

This truck is a modified Axial SCX-10 kit.  Here are the specs:

Axial Chassis
Axial G6 body
Vanquish Products Method 101 red wheels
Crawler Innovations two stage foams
Trepadors for the tires
Vanquish Products 225 hubs
Axial AX10 axle cases
BMachine axle tube wideners for XR-10 conversion
Vanquish Products Knuckles
Vanquish Products C-hubs
Vanquish Products Lockouts
Vanquish Products Lockers
CreeperBob Ti custom rear axle shafts
Axial XR-10 universal shafts
MIP drive shafts
Tekin ROC412 3100kv brushless motor
Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro speed controller
Castle Creations 10 amp BEC
Hitec 7955 servo
Ebay led lighting
Vanquish Products 5” Rigid led light bar
Proline fuel cell
Jevne battery plate (modified)
Axial Icon shocks
BGR Fabrications alloy front bumper
BGR Fabrications alloy rock sliders
Vanquish Products rock slider mounts and plates
Traxxas radio box
Super Shafty Bombproof complete transmission
Vanquish Products shock hoops, front and rear
3Racing Winch
Heyok 3 position winch controller