My 2011 BMW e92 M3

Those who know me know I love sports cars.  It goes all the way back to my first car in 1983, a 1983 Mazda RX7 GSL.  I have had several sports cars over the years.  In 2007 I bought my first BMW e46 M3 convertible in Carbon Black.  That car made me a M Fan for life.

I recently decided it was time to grab a e92 M3 since it is the last normally aspirated engine M3.  It comes with a 414 hp 4.0 liter v8.  It is also the first car I have ever owned that is not a convertible or has a sunroof.  The carbon fiber roof on this car looks so slick that I don’t miss not seeing the sun or moon above my head.

I have been looking at inspirational e92 M3 trying to determine what mods I want to make.  I have decided I will making mods that accentuate that carbon fiber roof and the Silverstone II paint.  The paint takes on different hues depending on the lighting and viewing angle.

Here are some pictures on the first day of ownership before I left the dealership.

Here are pics after my first round of mods.  I have installed color matched front bumper reflectors, black front grill, carbon fiber side marker/turn signals with smoked led lighting, black rear M3 badging and HRE FF01 wheels.  The wheels are 19″x9″ on the front and 19″x10.5″ on the rear.  I would like to thank my boy Peter, owner of Wheel Experts, for such a nice set of wheels.  Ok, on to the pics.

After taking these pics I realized Discount Tired installed the wrong mounting hardware.  I instructed them to install the black hardware but they installed the silver hardware that was in the wheel boxes.  So I will have them changed out for that all black look.