N Scale Layout Change

I decided I wanted more space for the bulk materials transfer facility. So I took the building from the facility and made it the office for the chemical plant. I then added a new track to the transfer facility and lengthened the three yard tracks in they yard be relocating the yard office to the other side of the mainline. Ok, on to the pics.

Lavazza Qualita Oro Espresso


I’m trying a new Italian coffee. Qualita Oro Espresso is the signature Lavazza blend of 100% Arabica, combining prestigious coffees from Central America with some African varieties chosen for their intense aroma. Qualita Oro has a cup character that is mellow with a pleasant floral hint, typical of the Central American coffee origins. I have made with my espresso machine for coffee Americana and I have used my Chemex. Both have produced a very smooth and tasty cup of joe.