N Scale Layout Change

I decided I wanted more space for the bulk materials transfer facility. So I took the building from the facility and made it the office for the chemical plant. I then added a new track to the transfer facility and lengthened the three yard tracks in they yard be relocating the yard office to the other side of the mainline. Ok, on to the pics.


I visited my favorite model railroad store, AJCKids, and ran across this rare find on the bottom shelf of their Trix inventory.  So I had to have it.

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Uai 839 heavy transport car. Built in 1973. Era IV. Use: Very heavy, specialized transport.

Model: The car has 32 axles, “Schnabel” load arms, and a die-cast metal transformer as a load. The car has many separately applied details. The load arms can be coupled directly to one another without a load. The car has close coupler mechanisms at the ends. Length over the buffers 391 mm / 15-3/8″.

There are more pictures of this rare find in my N Scale Railcar photo gallery.